"Sometimes the person who has been there for everyone else needs someone to be there for them."


Everyone Needs Help Sometimes

Through our agency partners we can provide help with:

Financial Health Meter 600

How's your financial health?

  • Are you struggling to pay bills?
  • Are collection agencies calling?
  • Do you have savings for an emergency?
  • Do you want to own your own home?

You need a MyMoneyCheckUp®.


Could you and your family survive a financial crisis?

Liquid asset poverty measures the minimum amount of liquid savings (i.e., cash, retirement savings, checking account, etc.) a household would need to get by at the poverty level in the event that an emergency left them without income. How much a household would need in liquid savings to avoid falling below this conservative threshold varies by household size.


Use this calculator to determine how much in liquid savings your household would need to avoid falling into liquid asset poverty.



That Costs HOW MUCH???

Use these handy calculators to determine how much a purchase, loan, saving for retirement, or an education may actually cost you!

Student Loans


Auto Loan

401k Retirement Account

Personal/Small Loan

Credit Cards

Life Insurance



Safer Neighborhoods

You Can Help!

We need agencies, companies and organizations who can provide asset building services or education to our communities. Help us change the lives and financial future of families facing asset poverty.

Funded by generous grants from both Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation and the Winston-Salem Foundation.